For the 2023 Winter Seminar on Population

Overview of the 2023 Winter Course

  • The upcoming winter course is designed to address critical population-related issues on “Fertility and Family”. This specially repeated session will provide another platform for experts in demography and government officials responsible for population censuses and statistics worldwide.
  • Date & Time
    • Date : November 27 (Mon) – November 30 (Fri), 2023
    • Time : Mornings, Korea Standard Time (KST), 2 hours per session, 8 hours total
  • Venue
    Online (via ZOOM)
  • Qualifications
    • Training and experience in a field relevant to the topic of the workshop
    • Fluency in English (level of understanding academic lectures)
  • Topic & Lecturer
    Winter Course (Online/English), 8-hour course
    Fertility and Family
    By Professor Edith Gray (Australian National University)
  • Registration Fee
    • Free of charge, will be supported by KOSTAT
    • Responsible for own electronic devices for online lectures

Course details

게시판 리스트
Workshop / date Contents Lecturer Hours
Winter Course
(Nov. 27 – 30)
* English lecture
<Fertility and Family>

In this workshop we will explore how families and relationships are changing in the 21st Century, with a focus on what these changes mean for fertility. With large numbers of countries experiencing declines in fertility rates, some to very low levels, this workshop will consider whether this presents a crisis or opportunities.

The workshop will explore methods for measuring fertility, including assessing their strengths and limitations. Participants will learn how to calculate different measures of fertility and explain how they can be used to understand changes in fertility. For these calculations, we will use Excel for demonstration.

Finally, the workshop will discuss a range of different fertility and family policies that have been implemented, covering policies with a specific aim to reduce fertility, through to multidimensional policies which aim to address challenges affecting families.

No prior knowledge is assumed for this workshop.

  • · Session 1: Family demography in the 21st Century – diversity in relationship formation and dissolution, family formation and care
  • · Session 2: Measuring fertility I – period and cohort measures of fertility
  • · Session 3: Measuring fertility II – addressing quantum and tempo in fertility measures
  • · Session 4: Fertility (and family) policies
Edith Gray
(Australian National University)

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